Dear Friends,

The fundamental principle of education is taught to us in Proverbs 22.6 “Chanoch lanaar al pi darkoFullSizeRender (4).jpg Educate a child according to his path, so he will not turn from that path even as he grows old’ At HDS, we take this lesson to heart. We consider it our mission to nurture and attend to every child individually in the manner that is best suited.

Our toddler and kindergarten curriculum lays the foundation for serious learning with a multi-sensory approach that both engages and challenges. As our children grow, the opportunities to learn and excel grow as well. At HDS we value tradition and innovation. As you walk through our hallways you may see students incorporating Judaic studies into art and technology. Children learn important life skills through active engagement. For example, through fun experiences such as a bake sale, students integrate language arts and mathematics to learn about money management, advertising, and satisfying the public’s needs. Additionally, children learn and appreciate where their food comes from by planting and caring for their own row in the school’s garden. These are just some of many ways we help our students grow to become independent thinkers and individuals who will be contributing members in a community.

On our website you’ll learn about the many growth opportunities HDS offers to our students, their parents, grandparents, and wider community. If you have any questions, please contact me via email:, or phone 506-4010-1616. We’d be glad to share more of our story.


Mrs. Spalter