HDS is located in Bello Horizonte in Escazú. We are a modern facility with a lot of outdoor space. Each classroom has large windows facing beautiful green gardens. Some lessons take place outside to provide students with change and a breath of fresh air! 

You can find us on Waze by putting in Hebrew Day School, Bello Horizonte. 


De la entrada a Bello Horizonte, antes de cruzar el puente de Los Anonos, llegar a KAOS y seguir subiendo hasta el condominio Appen. Doblar a la derecha y en la primera entrada doblar a la izquierda. Penúltima casa a mano derecha, frente a lote vacío con portón negro y columnas de ladrillo, con rótulo 613 Torah Avenue.

From the entrance to Bello Horizonte, before crossing Los Anonos bridge, arrive at KAOS and continue up until the condo Appen. Turn right and then the first left. It is the second to last house on the street, across from an empty lot. It has a black gate and a sign that reads 613 Torah Avenue.

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